Weekend Adventure

       Let us plan your weekend getaway to Nature.  We have tailor made plans to suit your tastes and budget. Our services include Travel, food & accommodations in Home Stays in Coorg, Wayanad and the Nilgiris, guided trekking, White water rafting in Coorg during monsoon.

        The south west monsoon has receded. The streams are cascading from the mountain tops. The Mother Nature is in full bloom. The atmosphere is full with unpolluted fresh air. If you are a nature lover and appreciate adventure, it is the time of the year that you should be one with the nature. The places that take you to another world with their scenic beauty and invite you to explore are Coorg in Karnataka, Wayanad in Kerala and the Nilgiris in Tamilnadu. These areas are mountainous and have magnificent valleys and beautiful water falls. You can go trekking in these locations from October to May before the onset of the monsoon.

        If you want to have fun and experience the beauty of the nature and indulge in an adventurous activity go trekking in these locations. You need not be a professional to undertake the trekking expedition. If you are physically fit and mentally alert, you can go trekking. A planned trekking can be a memorable experience. You have to keep the following points in mind before going on a trek.

  • Start the trek early in the morning.   
  • Carry water bottles, plantains, chocolates and candies in your backpack.
  • Carry the first aid kit.
  • Wear warm clothing. As you reach the higher altitude you may feel the chill.
  • Do not go on a trek without a local guide.
  • Do not skip your breakfast. Eat properly before setting on the trek.
  • Make arrangements for your stay a day before you start the trek.  
  • Collect all available information about the location you are visiting for the trek.
  • Do not walk in a high pace. Walk slowly and rest for a while when you feel exhausted.